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많이 넘어져 본 사람이 잘 걷는다.

"I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions."
-Augusten Burroughs
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Hyun Ji Eun by Angelo Shin


Hyun Ji Eun by Angelo Shin

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added my blood type to my aboutme. idk if it’s actually important but in all of the anime character profiles blood type is always listed.

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"I’m just tired; I just want the world to be quiet for a bit."

- Matty Healy  (via yohanini)

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Winona Ryder VS Sarah ‘Doug’ Douglas

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Ji Hyunjung for Cosmopolitan Korea Nov 2012


Ji Hyunjung for Cosmopolitan Korea Nov 2012

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Anonymous asked: Ah. Yeah I'm the same person who asked if you watched cycle 3. Omg but the only thing good about Sora was her measurements. Even though Yeonhee was shorter, she had the walk, the face, the feel of a model. But yeah I'm glad to hear that Yeonhee and Jinkyung are doing well in the industry. JINKYUNG GREW SO MUCH. Can I ask you where you watch other cycles of KNTM? I really want to watch more but I can't really find any links. ;;

i watched c3 on youtube and i watched bits of c4 on dailymotion. my parents have a subscription thing to a korean website that uploads korean tv shows as they are aired on television and i’m planning on watching c5 through the website. 

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Anonymous asked: I watched KNTM Cycle 3 the other day, and I thought of you. I really wanna know who you were rooting for. I was really upset when 소라 won instead of 연희. I seriously thought that 연희 was going to win even though she kinda gave off a bitchier vibe, it was like a fierce bitchy vibe, LOL. I feel like 소라 wasn't up to par with 연희 and 소라 had a lot of bad shots compared to 연희.

are you the same person that asked me if i finished kntm? sorry, i’m kind of bad about replying to msgs. i really really didn’t like sora. it’s to the point where i won’t reblog pictures of her haha. i liked yoni and jinkyung more but i think sora has the best measurements out of the 3. she’s like 178cm? they’re all doing big things in the industry though. yoni and jinkyung are both definitely more popular in korea. i think a lot of people in korea don’t like sora because of kntm. i was rooting more for jinkyung but i have a huge crush on yoni and i love her walk.